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Free DIY Workshops!

Join us from 2:00-6:00pm on New Year’s Eve for the new DIY Festival! Learn a new hobby for the new year with our hands-on workshops or talk to the pros about how they honed their craft. There is fun for everyone at the DIY Festival!

2018 Schedule

Download a printable .PDF of the First Night Raleigh Schedule:

Man playing the art piano at First Night Raleigh

DIY Festival

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Performances and activities are on Bicentennial Plaza, inside the North Carolina Museum of History and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Children 5 years old and under are permitted free when accompanied by a pass-wearing adult. Scroll down to learn more!

Early Countdown to Midnight

People’s Procession & Early Countdown

7:00 pm
What a perfect way to end our daytime DIY Festival! Don’t worry about keeping the kids out too late to ring in the new year – they can enjoy all of the excitement early in the evening. Join Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble and Cane Mill Road as we drop the famous acorn and set off fireworks at 7:00 pm. Read more 

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Little boy playing the art piano

Art Piano

Play a song on one of our beautiful art pianos painted by local artists. On…

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Dance troop of girls smiling and waving

Christy’s Dance Explosion

This Garner based Dance Studio will perform for our audiences as well as teach you…

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Little kid with a crown in front of a brick wall

First Night Crowns

Pop into First Night Raleigh’s DIY hot spot and use an array of crafting and…

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Beauty colorful lantern made from recycling material.

Lantern Making

Light up the night by creating a lantern to carry in the People's Procession!

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Mr. Peck's Taekwondo students

Peck’s Taekwondo

With Peck's Taekwondo in Raleigh, you will experience a unique approach to self-defense and exercise…

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people writing on the chalkboard at First night Raleigh

Next Year I Will Chalkboard

Write your new year's resolutions on the “Next Year I Will” chalkboard.

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Paperhand Puppets

Paperhand Puppets Roaming

A First Night Favorite, the Paperhand Puppet Intervention is a puppet theater company based out…

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Dove in cosmic space. Painting and graphic design.

Professor Wizardo: the Great, the Wonderful, the Magnificent

Magic and mystics will be attending First Night Raleigh! Get your fortune told and see…

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Tambourine, drums, and other musical instruments

Rhythm Instruments

Enrich your love of music by stopping by our Rhythm Instruments space to jam out!

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Children doing arts and crafts

Scrap Exchange

Create a cape or hat to wear in the Children’s Celebration using recycled objects from…

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Little and very beautiful girl sitting in the pram and waiting for mom

Stroller Decorating

Decorate your baby's stroller in celebration of First Night Raleigh!

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Robodogs collage of robots built by students


FIRST Robotics Competition Team 435 hosted by Longleaf School of the Arts. The Robodogs, FIRST…

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Animal of the Hour

Animal of the Hour

Get up close and personal with some of North Carolina’s resident creatures.

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Cartoon underwater world with fish, plants, island

Cartoon Island

Take a break and relax with animated features on Cartoon Island!

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Artist painting smiley face cartoon, shot from above, elevated view.


Illustrator Gabriel Dunston will teach you how to create unique cartoon illustrations.

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Handlettered word "create" on notebook page with art supplies surrounding

Handlettering Demo

Hand lettering artist Olivia Gainey will turn your name into a work of art and…

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depika Bhatt henna tatoos

Henna Tattoos

Henna artist Deepika Bhatt has been drawing in henna since she was seven years old.…

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Colorful fluorescent tubes lining the wall of a building in Japan form a neon rainbow like a free modern art exhibit

Neon Glow Tape Collages

Create glow-in-the-dark art with local mixed media artist Jane Cheek.

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2 girls typing up poetry

On Demand Poetry

Poems written just for you! Professional poets collaborate with guests to take your idea and…

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Two toddlers in a nursery

Toddler Play Area and Story Time

This special room is designed for our youngest attendees to get out of the strollers…

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uv lamp on table

Black Light Message Room

Go Glow Crazy and leave secret First Night messages in our Black Light Room!

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pieces of chalk in all colors scattered on a table

Chalk Art Pins

Wear your unique New Year's message on a chalkboard pin!

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Jerome Fredericks School Yard Harmonics with instruments

Jerome Fredericks School Yard Harmonics

Jerome Frederick is the owner of Workforce Harmonics – a people development company. He has…

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Detailed, ornate drawings on the rocks. Pebble painting. Colored stones.

Raleigh Rocks Rock Painting

Raleigh Rocks First Night! Join in the fun of painting and hiding rocks with a…

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Wooden box filled with trinkets

Time Capsule Making

Put together a Time Capsule chronicling this past year, and include wishes for 2018 for…

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