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Rozalind MacPhail playing flute

NC Museum of Natural Sciences - Auditorium

8:00 pm, 9:00 pm

Sponsored by: Julia and Frank Daniels, Jr.
Endowment Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation

“It‘s easy to fall for the eclectic sounds of this creative mastermind, and you will probably get lost in your imagination while falling.“ (Rock Eden Magazine) Innovative St. John’s multi-instrumentalist, Rozalind MacPhail recently won ECMA Electronic Recording of the Year and MusicNL’s award for Female Artist of the Year. A classically trained flutist, MacPhail creates unique fabrics of sound blending flute, electronics, field recordings and silent film through Ableton Live. MacPhail has created music for film and live performance as well as releasing several albums of original work. She explores new ways to combine image and sound, in works that speak honestly of place, person and the human experience.

How do we capture our memories? What stories can be told about our lives using flute, electronic music and film? In 2014, Rozalind MacPhail partnered with six filmmakers in Wilmington, North Carolina to create an audio-visual experience where cinema and live music weave a tapestry of memory, place and identity. Animating the films into one fluid narrative journey, MacPhail’s original music score combines multi-layered sound looping, traditional songwriting, field recordings and loads of flute, MacPhail’s specialty. From the River to the Ocean is a beautiful representation of documenting pleasures, pressing social issues, and personal experiences. Audiences will be transported to a “time out of time” where the wondrous intermingling plays on between people and place, past and present, and the push and pull of memories.

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