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Acorn Moves For Annual Polish

It’s about that time!

The iconic Raleigh acorn moved out of downtown Raleigh this morning for its annual polish ahead of our WRAL First Night Raleigh 2020 celebration three weeks away.

Throughout the year, the acorn sits proudly in front of the Duke Energy Center of Performing Arts near the intersection of South Street and Salisbury Street. Every year in early December, our friends at the City of Raleigh Arts Commission and Southern Crane coordinate its move out of downtown in preparation for New Year’s Eve.

First Night Raleigh Acorn being hoisted on a crane
First Night Raleigh Acorn being transported

For the next three weeks, artist David Benson will be carefully buffing and polishing the year’s wear and tear away so that on December 31, this 1,250-lb symbol of the city will shine brightly over WRAL First Night Raleigh!

We’d like to thank our friends at Southern Crane who were out early this morning to safely transport the acorn to its temporary home for the 29th year in a row. Moving this hefty copper and steel work of art is no small feat!

Don’t miss the celebrations on December 31, 2019 as the acorn makes its grand return to shine above downtown Raleigh. Enjoy an evening of live performances, art installations, and stick around for the famous acorn drop at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2020!

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