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Calling Artists For Art Putt 2015

First Night Raleigh Art Putt


WHAT: Art Putt will be an interactive art installation featuring a miniature golf course of nine artist-designed mini-golf holes.

WHEN: December 28-December 31, 2015

WHERE: Inside Historic Market Hall in City Market in Downtown Raleigh.

Upload your completed application on our contact page.

Any Artist or Group of Artists is invited to submit a proposal for one of the nine holes. Think of this as a public art exhibit where folks can interact with your artwork while playing a fun game at the same time! Each selected artist will be featured on the First Night Raleigh website and mobile app in addition to their hole being on display at Art Putt.

The Theme of First Night Raleigh this year is North Carolina FIRSTS. We are celebrating all of the unique and quirky ways that North Carolina is #1!  Each hole must be designed with this theme in mind.

First Night Raleigh has commissioned set designer Greg Osbeck to construct the actual structure of the individual holes and to make the course cohesive. Artists may select from these base layouts, which are listed at the end of this document, when submitting their designs.

**DEADLINE: November 18th, 2015

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