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If you’re buying your All Day Pass at downtown Raleigh’s CVS Health store today, or perhaps just stroll past the corner of Hargett and Fayetteville Streets, you’ll notice a new splash of color!

Every New Year’s Eve, First Night Raleigh fills the streets of Raleigh with live music, performances, and interactive public art pieces. Throughout the afternoon and evening, attendees and revelers are invited to add their own words and drawings to interactive creations scattered across downtown Raleigh.

This year, Artsplosure teamed up with the North Carolina Arts Council, The Raleigh Murals Project, The Raleigh Building, and Fidelity Investments to create a temporary mural and interactive art installation in celebration of the North Carolina Arts Council’s 50th Anniversary of bringing art to North Carolinians.

Not only is this an interactive art installation on New Year’s Eve, but the mural itself will begin to evolve in the weeks leading up to First Night Raleigh 2018. As New Year’s Eve approaches, we will be adding inspiring words from NC artists featured in the North Carolina Arts Council’s 50 for 50 Project.

Then, on December 31 at First Night Raleigh, we invite festival-goers to add their own ‘note to self’ for the new year! What will yours be? #NoteToSelfNCArts

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