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First Night 2023 graphic showing African American Dance Ensemble

First Baptist Church

7:45 and 9:00

The African American Dance Ensemble uses dance and music to bring awareness to the inequities in our community and through our ART, create a positive change.

Through Dance we become the means by which men and women, boys and girls come to see something of the human condition. Imprisonment, famine, poverty, drug dependency, slavery and war can be juxtaposed with celebration of liberation, bountiful harvests, marriage, and birth in an artistic blend that demands attention to the realities it represents.

The African American Dance Ensemble will prove and affirm that the arts, has a message which not only condemns the worst and celebrates the best of the human condition, it encourages us to do something about the negative and reinforces the positive. All our people who attend our performances and seminars will depart feeling one with themselves the world and the dancers and musicians who brought it all together.

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