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Thank You!

Artsplosure would like to thank the following sponsors and patrons for their support of WRAL First Night Raleigh!

Presenting Sponsors

Major Sponsors

United Arts Council Logo - Orange and purple serif type with swoosh to left
North Carolina Arts Council Logo - Light green circle with uppercase gray type around outside and lowercase serif "arts" inside

Feature Program Sponsors

Glenwood Agency Logo - Red "G" graphic and all uppercase dark gray type
Duke Energy Logo - Dark blue type with energy graphic to left

Foundation Supporters

Exhibitor Sponsors

Special Partners

Booze It And Lose It Logo showing red uppercase type with handcuffs
Downtown Raleigh Alliance Logo - Orange, blue, red, purple, and green city grid over sans-serif type

Website Sponsor

Pointer Advertising Logo - Black serif font around red circle with a dog in the center

Beer Sponsor

Major All-Day Pass Outlets

Activity and General Sponsors

Media Sponsors

Friends of First Night

North State Bank Logo - Black serif type with tan line and pine cone above
Captive Air Logo - Red uppercase sans serif type with white lines going through the type

Chip Anderson
Woody Biggs
Mark Bromley & David Salie
Lisa Brown
Lorna Burke
Amy Bush
Jeff & Ann Calamos
Ai-Ling Chang
Sandra Davidson
Michael & Terry Davis
Terri & Clark Dollar
Shannon Ennis
Lucy & David Fountain
Anne Franklin
Frank & Carole Gailor
Greg & Samantha Hatem
Mark Steward & Freddie Lee Heath
Ruth Bromer & Joe Huberman
Laura & Ken Jacobs
Amy Johnson
Jonathan & Lisa Kadis
Leah Kelly
Linda Kornberg
Roberta Lang
Vicky Langley
Stewart Levin & Sondra Panico
Christina & Tom Ludwig
Larry & Clare Mandrino
Howard Margulies
Betsy Buford & Donald Matthews
Connie & James Maynard
Tom McEvoy
Dr. Neil McLeod
Press & Siobhan Millen
Coretta Miller
John Miller

Ed & Cathy Morris
Jennifer Nusbaum
Carlos O’Neal
Charles Pittman III
Camille Patterson
Phillip Poe
Sharlene Provilus
Kim Przybyl
Jim Rothschild
Caroline & Vann Russell
Crystal Sadler
Joe Sagula
Elaine Sandman
Sabrina Schell
C. Miller Sigmon
Cara Smelter
Phyllis Smith
Wade & Ann Smith
Ruth Stephenson
Cathy & James Stuart
Mark Tulbert
Michael Ulrich
Howard Upchurch & John Hoeman
Bernie Williams
Lee Winters
Jana Woehrle
Julie Wood & Matthew Busch
Barbara Woods
Jessica Wood & Alisha Woodroof
Tom Hester & Carter Worthy
Patricia Yancey
George & Parker York
LiChun & Henry Young
Carrie Weber
Carl Willis

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