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Hailing from Charlotte, classically trained violinist and songwriter Emanuel Wynter is taking ears and stages by storm with a distinctive sound and a lively, high-spirited stage presence that is infectious to everyone in the room. Taking influence from artists such as Anthony Hamilton, Leon Bridges, and Gary Clark Jr., Emanuel’s sound is a unique, vibrant, and expressive blend of R&B and Rock that manages to be raw in emotion and refined, sonically. He finds a way to sing, not only through rich and soulful vocals, but through his electrifying violin playing that is, at times, quite reminiscent of electric guitar. With dynamic musicianship and sincere lyricism, Emanuel Wynter is sure to keep your toes tapping and your soul singing.

In past years, Emanuel played a supporting role as auxiliary violinist in other NC-based groups, such as 9daytrip, Stick & Stones, and many more, but 2018 was the year in which he introduced himself as a songwriter and artist with the release of Cosmos. That ultimately led to his first EP release in early 2020, titled These Past Two Years, that Delaney Clifford from CLTure described as “an album that refuses to be overlooked.” In the year of 2022, Emanuel has been hard at work, writing and recording music that begins the next chapter of his professional career, starting with the release of his latest single, Stranger, in early 2023.

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