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A high-energy Latin Fusion ensemble that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Latin America and beyond. Composed of nine seasoned musicians from diverse genres and backgrounds, this group combines their incredible talents to create a sound that defies categorization.

With members hailing from all corners of the musical spectrum, ¡Tumbao! effortlessly blends the infectious rhythms of Salsa, the groove of Funk, indigenous beats of Cumbia, the electrifying power of Latin-Rock, the smoothness of R&B, the mind-expanding Psychedelic Amazonian beats, and the soul-stirring touch of Brass.

Formed in 2019, ¡Tumbao! has wasted no time in capturing the hearts and ears of audiences wherever they perform. From legendary venues along the United States east coast to festivals that celebrate the very essence of world music, this ensemble’s popularity is skyrocketing. The band’s dynamic stage presence, stellar musicianship, and infectious energy create an atmosphere that is impossible to resist. More than heart-pounding rhythms and irresistible melodies, The band provides a cultural journey that celebrates the rich traditions and diverse heritage of Latin America. By blending musical elements from different regions, ¡Tumbao! creates a multicultural experience that unites people from all walks of life.

Coming off from a record-setting tour for the nine person Psychedelic Latin Fusion ensemble, – having shared the stage with Grammy Award winning acts like Kabaka Pyramid, Proyecto Uno, and legend Mavis Staples, with performances at stages such as the Grassroots Festival Circuit, The Smithsonian, a featured artist at Jazz in the Garden in Washington, DC – the band has reached a new height of popularity, expanding its fanbase beyond its original Latin American and East Coast roots.

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