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Kate Rhudy holding guitar case outdoors

City of Raleigh Museum

7:00 pm, 8:00 pm

Sponsored by: Julia and Frank Daniels, Jr.
Endowment Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation

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Rock N’ Roll Ain’t For Me, this year’s debut from Raleigh singer-songwriter Kate Rhudy, reinterprets well-worn folk with a new vibrancy. “I’ve always written letters to people,” Kate Rhudy says, “and then never sent them.” Rock N’ Roll Ain’t For Me is the collection of those letters, journal entries— they’re stories shared with the honesty and authority. Rhudy grew up playing both classical violin and fiddlers conventions but Rock N’ Roll Ain’t For Me find Rhudy years later as a writer​​. Produced by Mandolin Orange’s Andrew Marlin, the album sounds warm with a full band accompanying Rhudy even in its loneliest moments. So as you listen to her sing on “Valentine,” “Someone once broke my heart by handing me a toothbrush,” you can’t help but feel close to Kate Rhudy, you can’t help but feel that you’ve just made a friend.

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